Babies, Puppies and Hot Chicks – Advertiser’s Secret Weapons

by marniesettle on September 8, 2010

What do babies, puppies and beautiful women all have in common? They are advertising attention grabbers. Advertisers have long since used images of beautiful women to make their ads more engaging, or babies to pull at the consumer’s heart strings. Recently, there have also been studies that prove that cute babies make us feel more altruistic , as do photos of cute puppies or kittens.   In fact, images of cute animals come in second to images of babies. I have used cute or funny images of animals in some of my advertising efforts and have had an enormous response. Ads there were sent out in the form of an email have been forwarded to others because of the image that was used and many of these ads have even resulted in in procuring new clients and work.

Now, what about the hot chick phenomena? We would expect men have a positve response to a beautiful woman. Studies show that not only do men have a positive response but, ads with attractive women  cause men to act impulsively and skew their decisions toward the short-term, encouraging impulsive purchases.  Other studies have noted that attractive women in ads tend to hold men’s attention longer.  As most know, an advertiser only has 3 seconds to grab a viewer and pull them into their ad. Buy using a beautiful or sexy woman in an ad may in fact grab the viewer’s attention and pull them into the ad seeking more information about the product or service.

The positve emotions that arise from these kinds of images in ads tend to lead to sales.  We all want happiness and beauty and therefore we react to images that make us feel warm and fuzzy.

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